September 19, 2020
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Rogelio Moreno Tirado


rogelio moreno_200

Background Experience:
•    Worked as equine judge since 1984 to the present.
•    Organizer and promoter of the first auction of Paso Fino Horses in Puerto Rico in 1992
•    Founder and owner of World Wide Paso Fino Consultant Inc since 1993.
•    Equine Analyst in Radio and TV program for “Equino Musical de Gala”.
•    Certified as International Judge by Puerto Rican Association of the Paso Fino Horse and breeders of the Americas.
•    International Judge Certified by CONFEPASO
•    Certified Judge of the Paso Fino Horse Association.
•    Registered judge of the US Equestrian Federation.
•    Certified Equine Appraiser License # 4325 by the American Society of Equine Appraisers.
•    Have served as judge in seven different countries: Aruba, Curacao, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Venezuela, USA and Puerto Rico.
•    Have served several times as judge in National Shows in Aruba, Curacao, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

Studies, Courses, Seminars and Workshops:
•    University Of Puerto Rico, B.A. in Political Science, Mayor in Sociology.
•    Inter-American University of Puerto Rico. Law School.
•    Participant of the 3rd National and International Equine Congress in Bogota, Colombia.
•    Received training in twelve Workshops for Certified International Judge by the equine organization CONFEPASO in the Dominican Republic, Colombia, USA and Puerto Rico.
•    Participant of the First World Horse Congress in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Second and Third World Horse Congress in Bogota Colombia.
•    Attended seminar on Equine Evaluation (Principles of Evaluation) presented by American Society of Equine Appraisers.
•    Applicant Judge of The United Mountain Horse, Inc.
•    Applicant Judge of the Walking Horse Association.
•    Participant of four seminars for judges by the Paso Fino Horse Association, Inc.

Current Membership and Equine Activities:
•    Member of the Paso Fino Horse Association, Inc. # 18457 from 1990 to present.
•    Member of PROPASO Horseman Association from 1993 to present.
•    Past President of PROPASO Horseman Association from 2000 to 2002, As President, Founder of equine event known as “Familia Montando”, also provided seminars about the Paso Fino horse breed.
•    Member of the US Equestrian Federation # 274329 since 1997 to present.
•    Vice President of PROPASO Horseman Association 2003 to 2005.
•    Member of the Puerto Rican Association of the Paso Fino Horse and breeders of the Americas 2009.
•    Member and International Equine Judge of CONFEPASO # CONF0016.
•    Member of “Federación Técnica de Jueces Certificados de Caballos de Paso Fino de Puerto Rico” since 2010.
•    Owner of Paso Fino Farm “ Yeguada R.M.T. e Hijos”
•    Studious of the gait horses breeds, equine anatomy, morphology, behavior, pedigrees and development.
•    Extensive market knowledge of Paso Fino breed world wide.

Paso Fino Shows Experience in the US:
•    2002 Miami Show
•    2003 California Show
•    2004 Miami, Florida
•    2004 All Breed California Show
•    2007 California Gold Cup
•    2007 Kentucky
•    2008 Mississippi
•    2009 Mississippi
•    2009 Tennessee
•    2009 Pre Spectrum, Tropical Park, Miami, Florida
•    2010 May- 15-16 Four Beat Jubilee, Georgia
•    2010 May 28-30 Spectrum ,Tropical Park, Miami, Florida
•    2010 Grand National Show in September, Perry, Georgia
•    2011 Miami Winter Festival in January